Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc. (VSEA) is the world's leading supplier of ion implantation systems used in the fabrication of integrated circuits with more Varian implanters operating in chipmaking facilities than all other competitors combined. We design, manufacture, market and service semiconductor processing equipment for virtually all of the semiconductor manufacturers, in the United States, Europe, and Asia Pacific. We have shipped over 4,000 systems worldwide. Varian Semiconductor has set the standard for excellence in customer support through several global response programs in service, process support, and training. VSEA also leads the industry in providing customers with product upgrades that reduce operating costs, improve performance, and extend the cost-effective life of existing tools in the field.

The Company's manufacturing facilities are located at its global headquarters in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

Historical revenue for fiscal year 2009 was $362 million, compared to $864 million for fiscal year 2008.

We market, sell, manufacture and distribute and service our products directly. We have five sales and service located in the U.S., five in Europe and 23 in Asia Pacific for a total of 33 worldwide and some ~ 1,350 employees worldwide.

Our current Research, Development and Engineering efforts are directed at development of new systems and processes and improving existing capabilities. In addition to developing new high current, ultra high dose and high energy products, we continue to focus on maintaining our leadership position in the market for medium current, high current and ultra high dose implanters, improving our position in the high energy business and continuing to invest in new and next generation products in both implant and materials modification.

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