Roux Associates, Inc., is a full-service environmental consulting and management firm founded in 1981 whose primary focus is providing innovative and cost effective solutions for the wide array of environmental issues that face our clients. We have a diverse client base ranging from mid-size to Fortune 500 companies, which includes real estate development, petroleum, industrial, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing companies. Some of the services we provide are: Groundwater and Soil Remediation; Comprehensive Subsurface Investigations; Health, Safety and OSHA Compliance Auditing; Air, Wastewater and Stormwater Permitting; Constructing Wetlands; Risk Assessment; Acquisition and Divestiture Environmental Support; and Litigation Support.

Targeted Major: 
Civil Engineering (CE), Earth and Environmental Engineering (CE)
Positions Available: 

Full Time Civil/Environmental Engineers, Geologists


Bachelors Degree, Doctorate, Masters Degree

Job Categories: 
Position Types: 
Full Time Entry Level, Full Time Experienced