Honda R&D Americas, Inc. conducts research and development for automobiles, ATVs and power equipment products. Honda's research activities in the United States started in 1975 and the Ohio Center began operations in 1985. The Ohio Center is strategically located close to Honda's automobile, engine and transmission plants and the Transportation Research Center.

At Honda, our success was literally built on a dream, the 1949 Dream motorcycle. Since then, we have dedicated our resources, talents and energies to creating tomorrow's technologies and giving today's visionaries a place to grow. Now, the power of our dreams is driving careers.

At Honda R&D Americas, Inc., our unique approach and hands-on atmosphere give you the opportunity to learn through doing, ownership, responsibility and autonomy. That's because we believe that growth is achieved by seeking new challenges. And it's this philosophy that you will find in the way we do business and the expectations we have of our associates. Do more and do it sooner with Honda R&D.

Targeted Major: 
Materials Science and Engineering (CE), Chemical Engineering (CE), Mechanical Engineering (CE), Electrical Engineering (CE)
Positions Available: 

Design Engineers, Research Engineers


Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree

Job Categories: 
Position Types: 
Fall and/or Spring Internship, Full Time Entry Level, Full Time Experienced, Summer Internship