Columbia University is moving in an innovative new direction to enhance the professional skills and experiential opportunities to its students with the Virtual Internship Program. The program provides students with a virtual internship based in cities across the nation in a variety of career fields as well as educational programming to make the most of the internship. Interns will contribute to projects while working remotely, meaning the majority of their interactions with co-workers, clients and supervisors (as well as project work) are done outside of the office. The Center for Career Education will support the student intern through educational programming designed to enhance the virtual internship, helping interns sharpen their professional skills.

Targeted Major: 
Positions Available: 

Please apply in LionSHARE for the position. Applications are due November 6, 2011. Internship program will take place January 23 – April 13, 2012.


Undergraduate students attending Columbia College, Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and School of General Studies.

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Position Types: 
Fall and/or Spring Internship

Syeda Lewis
Associate Director
Experiential Education and Student Enterprises; 212-854-3847