Shan Gao Ma is a consultancy specializing in developing data collection systems intended for data-driven decision-making and data-rich services. SGM also provides experienced guidance on privacy ethics and regulations.

SGM works closely with The Common Data Project, a non-profit organization started by SGM principal Alex Selkirk to to create an "open data" sharing service to safely release sensitive data to the public.

SGM is a young company that is just beginning to define itself in the still new industry of "Big Data" analytics. We are a relatively rare hybrid of service-oriented consultancy and product development start-up. We work with major Internet brands as well as a non-profit dedicated to serving public interests.

It can be difficult to juggle such wildly different priorities. However, we believe it's a formula that gives us a unique perspective on the problems and challenges of collecting and making sense of data, problems that face both private and public sectors.

Meet our team:




Providing strategy, program management and product planning services to two of the top five consumer software companies in the industry on the development of several large-scale data collection platforms.


1. The Parlor Project - a pilot social media program for enabling group research and learning.

2. SGM Data Dictionary, a collaborative data documentation tool that lets you manage your data collection processes for efficient testing, accurate analysis and exacting data/privacy liability management.

3. Datatrust Platform, a data sharing platform for releasing sensitive data records to the public with a measurable privacy guarantee. Being developed for the Common Data Project.

Targeted Major: 
All Majors
Positions Available: 

Technical Program Manager for Data Analytics and "Open Data" Projects

Senior Program Manager and Product Development Lead for Data Analytics and "Open Data" Projects


Bachelors Degree

Job Categories: 
Engineering, IT / Software Development, Project / Program Management
Position Types: 
Fall and/or Spring Internship, Full Time Entry Level, Full Time Experienced, Summer Internship
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