Division of IBM responsible for hardware development of chips and subsystems for z-Series Mainframes.

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Dynamic global team to enlist enthusiastic professional to join world-class hardware design teams responsible for developing the most challenging and complex systems in the world. We are looking for an energetic, highly-motivated individual who is willing to go the extra mile and take on additional tasks with the aim of helping the overall team to achieve its goals. Strong interpersonal skills needed to coordinate deliverables and requirements from several areas within and outside of the organization. Need someone who is willing to do additional work outside the bounds of the expected assignments in order to gain a deeper understanding of future issues and provide input towards decisions affecting system development, logic and circuit design as well as sophisticated methodology directions.

Logic Design: Responsible for implementing and providing input to architecture design of the of future System Z processors. Close teaming skills required to complete the execution of complex instructions and algorithms. Aggressive performance requirements lend themselves to opportunities for innovative solutions. Basic logic design (VHDL) helpful.

Verification Engineer: Verification of the logical design of future System Z processors, cache and memory hierarchy, and full systems. Use state-of-the-art techniques to simulate and verify the designs of these microprocessor based systems. The job uses both hardware and software engineering skills, and entails creating environments and methodologies for simulating the VHDL input, as well as analysis and problem debug. Verification is performed at various levels within the design hierarchy. A background in electrical or computer engineering with strong programming skills is preferred.

VLSI Circuit Design Engineer: Design and development of very high frequency, deep sub-micron CMOS System Z microprocessors and subsystem. Use sophisticated design tools and leading edge CMOS technology to implement circuit schematics (custom and ASIC) and verify against technology design rules. Skills required include CMOS circuit design, timing analysis and simulation using PSPICE. Programming skills (PERL, C++, etc.) and experience with CADENCE a significant advantage.

VLSI Memory Test and Design Engineer: This unique position involves both designing/developing embedded test logic for and the testing of deep sub-micron CMOS Memory (SRAM/DRAM) designs for IBM's Systems and Technology Group. The testing requires an intuitive individual with strong problem solving skills. Logic design and programming (PERL, C++, etc) a must. Experience with circuit design, device technology, physical layout and familiarity with microprocessor test are a plus.

Memory Design Engineer: Design and development of deep sub-micron innovative CMOS Memory (SRAM/DRAM) designs for IBM's Systems and Technology Group. Responsible for design, implementation, and verification of static as well as dynamic CMOS circuits. Strong teamwork and communication skills are required to execute on the aggressive and complex designs. Skills required include CMOS circuit design, device technology, physical layout and SPICE simulation. Experience with logic design and CADENCE is a plus. Degree in EE or CmpE required.


Bachelors Degree, Doctorate, Masters Degree

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Full Time Entry Level, Summer Internship